Official Teaching Policies

Payment Policy

  1. All payment is submitted at the time you originally request a lesson with me. I will not teach a lesson unless it has already been paid for.
  2. My lessons are all paid for in USD currency. You are responsible for fees associated with a currency exchange.
  3. There are only 3 situations in which the money for the lesson will be returned to you, minus a 10% processing fee:
    • You cancel the lesson at least 24 hours before it is scheduled to begin. (see "Rescheduling / Cancelation Policy" below).
    • You feel that the Teacher Behavioral Code of Conduct has been violated and have written a detailed message informing me of this (see "Behavioral Code of Conduct" below).
    • There is a lesson dispute in which we both agree to return the money to you (see "Lesson Disputes" below).


Behavioral Code of Conduct

From the Teacher (Me)
  1. I respect our lesson times and I am always prepared and ready for our lessons at the time they are scheduled to begin.
  2. I will only reschedule a lesson in an emergency. Even in this type of situation, I will make every possible effort to contact you in advance to inform you about the lesson change.
  3. I maintain a level of professionalism in our lessons. This means that I do not participate or support the following: harassment in any form, hate-speech, threats, violence, pornography, or spam. 
  4. As a professional teacher, I commit to respecting your privacy. I never share personal information about any of my students online, with my friends, or with other students I teach. The subject of our conversations will remain only between you and I.
  5. I do not record any part of our lessons together. If I need to record something from you, I will only do so with your permission and full understanding of how I will use the recording.

          If you believe that I have violated any of these points in our lesson, contact me with a full description of the violation and I will refund the entire amount of our lesson.


From the Student (You)
  1. I expect professionalism from my students as well. You should be prepared and ready for our lessons to begin at the time they are scheduled. 
  2. Lesson times are 55 to 57 minutes long (or 25 to 27 minutes long). I have to end our lesson on time to be ready for my next student. I ask that you please respect this limitation and do not attempt to extend our scheduled lesson time longer than planned.
  3. I also ask that you respect my privacy as your teacher. Although I want you to encourage other people to take lessons with me, do not share any of my personal information with others.
  4. You are welcome to record our lessons together. In fact, I encourage it! Recording lessons are a great way to track your improvement over the course of time. You can also share these videos with friends or online. I just ask that you please let me know if you are doing so.


Initially Scheduling a Lesson

  1. You can schedule a lesson as little as 12 hours in advance of the time slot.
  2. The furthest out you can schedule a lesson is 1 year.
  3. I highly recommend scheduling your lessons at least 1 month in advance. This will "lock in" the time you prefer, and prevent other students from taking this time.
  4. All lesson requests are considered tentative until I have accepted them. I have the right to reject a request for a lesson, without explanation.


Rescheduling / Cancelation Policy

  1. If it is more than 24 hours before the start of our lesson, you can reschedule and there will be no questions asked. You simply pick a different time that is more convenient. Because I frequently do not have access to the internet on my days off, I ask that you please be considerate of my schedule and contact me at least 36 hours in advance if you want to reschedule.
  2. If it is more than 24 hours before the lesson and you do not want to have the lesson at any other time, then you can cancel the lesson. In this case, the payment will be returned to you, minus a 10% processing fee.
  3. If it is less than 24 hours before the start of our lesson, you can no longer reschedule the lesson. You can cancel the lesson, but be aware that the payment will not be returned to you. 


Late and "No-Show" Policy

  1. The lesson will end at the scheduled time, even if you are late.
  2. If you do not arrive or contact me in the first 10 minutes of the lesson, the lesson will be considered a "no-show". In this case, I collect full payment for the lesson. 
  3. If you suspect that you may be more than 10 minutes late to our lesson, but you still want to have the remaining time for the lesson, send me a message beforehand to let me know. I will wait for you, and the lesson will not be considered a "no-show".


Lesson Disputes

  1. In the event that you want to dispute a lesson that has already passed, then send me a message explaining the situation. I do not guarantee any return of payment in this station, but I am willing to work with you to come to a conclusion that we are both satisfied with.