R Pronunciation Practice Words – with Audio

R Practice Words

What It’s For

This is the file I use to teach and practice the pronunciation of the letter R. For many of my students, this is one of the most difficult consonants to correctly pronounce. If you have difficulty with this sound, practice slowly at first and gradually speed up.


What It Contains

This sheet gives a nice overview of three different categories of pronunciation. The first is the “light” R that is at the beginning of words and syllables. The second page is the R vowel, which I write as /ur/. Finally, the last page has words with a normal, pure vowel sound that glides into the R vowel (similar to a diphthong).


Here are the audios for this document as well:

“light” R


R vowel /ur/


Pure vowel sound gliding into the R vowel /ur/



To see how these sounds are made:

Rachel’s English has a pretty good video describing how to make this sound. She primarily only talks about the “light R” sound and the “R vowel”, but does not specifically talk about the pronunciation for when other vowels glide into the R vowel sound.