New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions


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Before a new year, people make resolutions. Resolutions are things you want to change about yourself or things you want to happen.

Common New Year resolutions include losing weight, getting good grades, spending less, and traveling more. It is hard to achieve resolutions because we can fall back into our old habits easily and make excuses.

In December, gyms are almost empty. People are sitting comfortably at home eating. Once it hits the new year, gyms are crowded with people hoping to lose weight.

Sadly, people will start losing hope and get lazy. It is easy to eat unhealthy food and not exercise. Well, it takes a lot of willpower to stay healthy for a long period of time.

Christopher’s resolution is to lose weight. He currently weighs 200 pounds at 5’9″. He wants to lose thirty pounds by the end of the year.

Chris bought a year-long gym membership. He decided to buy it for the entire year instead of paying month by month as a way to stop himself from canceling in the middle of the year. It costs $200 for a whole year.

The gym has everything he needs. There is even a spa in the gym and a place to shower.

Chris went to the gym every day for two weeks. After two weeks, however, Chris had to go back to school, and he had less time to go to the gym. Even when he did have time, he did not go because he was tired from his classes.

Soon, Chris made a routine for himself. He managed to go to the gym twice a week.