Private Lessons

What should I expect from private lessons?

I have several different types of courses to choose from, but you should be able to easily identify the one that works best for you. If you have any questions or want to know more specific information about any of my courses, please send me a message! 

  • A warm, welcoming environment that encourages you to speak. My teaching style is relaxed. My philosophy is that you learn best in an environment where you are comfortable. Because of this, I focus on having conversations with you, and I have a high percentage of "student speaking time". 
  • Correction of your speaking mistakes. I can correct by interrupting you in the moment, tying notes while you speak, or having a time of correction and instruction after you speak. You can choose which of these correction methods is best for you. Regardless, you will have honest, timely feedback from me in every lesson.
  • Homework between lessons, if this is what you want. I can also prepare a lesson in which you don't need to do any homework. If you have a busy working schedule, this second option may work better for you.
  • Information, guidance, and materials to improve on your own. If you want help for the best methods for your personal study time outside of class, I'm happy to provide that for you.
  • For the courtesy of my other students, as well as my own sanity, I have a strict rescheduling policy. Please note that I do not reschedule lessons that are within 24 hours of the lesson time. If you are a new student, you need to read my Official Teaching Policies (see below). By scheduling a lesson with me, you agree to these policies.
Official Teaching Policies

Student Reviews

Mrs. P is the best teacher I ever had! She has an excellent method of teaching, which enables me to better associate the language. She is very encouraging, professional and always does different lessons so our meetings can be more and more interesting so it’s easier to get new skills on each class.

Mrs. P. is also very punctual, patient and make me feel comfortable, empowered and confident. She is very engaged and flexible which is wonderful for someone like me because I have a crazy work schedule.

Thank you for being such an amazing and supportive teacher.

Cris (Brazil)

Mrs.P summarized her own materials for the American English pronunciation, which can’t be found by searching on google. Mrs.P prepares agenda and homework very carefully for each single class. She has her classes pretty intense so that you can gain as much as possible. I have tried several one-on-one English instructors and I recommend Mrs.P since she is the most professional, effective and helpful one.

Joe (China)

Mrs. P is one of the best professional teachers that I’ve met. She wears a very warm smile, and is enthusiastic when teaching that lets you relax. She can understands their students need very well and design study plan for them. She chose appropriate material on website for students and encourage them to speak during classes. She also patiently helps to correct students’ pronunciation after the conversation. In a word, Mrs. P is really a great teacher.

Rebecca (China)

I started having lessons with Mrs P since I was invited to give a talk in a conference, which would happen within one month. I was surprised because I could see a lot of improvement in my communication skills in this short period. Some reasons for that are the amount of valuable feedback Mrs P gives each class in a supportive and patient manner. Her experience and well-preparation has boost my confidence and has helped me making the talk successful. I am very grateful to her.

Paulo (Brazil)

Mrs. P is very nice and serious about her classes. She is really good at discussing American cultures and social problems with students, which is a good way for international students to learn English.

Dudu (China)

A good course again! I enjoyed this new text and your own listening, difficult but a good challenge for me! Time runs so quickly in your courses, It’s so interesting!

Olivia (France)

Mrs.P is the best teacher that I’ve ever had online. She is always well-prepared, punctual, very much involved in our lessons, and tuned to my needs. Highly recommend her!

Sergey (Russia)

Since I have took classes with Mrs. P. I feel that I have improved two aspects with English language, first I feel much more confidence to speak, last week even in my office I had the opportunity to make an speech to people who visited us, and second I have increased, my comprehension abilities so much more. Right now I can understand much more than before when somebody speaks in native´s English.

Rodolfo (Panama)

In my opinion, what makes Mrs. P an outstanding English teacher is her dedication and professionalism. She is always looking for new teaching material, making the lessons both interesting and entertaining. At the same time, she tries to focus in my weakest points to make the most out of every lesson. I have been taking lessons with her for one year now, and it’s been a really rewarding experience.

Emilio (Spain)

It is difficult to write a SHORT description.
Clever. Polite. Professional.
Good Teacher. Good Friend.
Study 1 year.
Now I can talk in English.
Thanks Mrs. P!

Igor (Russia)

“We simulated a job interview and the teacher gave me very helpful advice regarding how to reply questions correctly in an interview, how to be more concise, and so on. I had fun and it was really interesting.”

Rafael (Brazil)

For the last year, Mrs. P. tutored English classes for me and I learnt a lot. We talked with each other, and shared the events everyday, that’s helpful to me. And One of Mrs. P.’s greatest assets is her creativity in the class. She teaches in unique way and makes learning fun for me.

Jacky (China)

My experience with Mrs. P. is being fantastic! She has an great ability to teach, make me confortable to speak and improve my English fluency. I have already tried another online teacher, but she was the one that make me feel more confident and was extremely patient to gradually improve my pronunciation.

Cassiana (Brazil)

Fantastic! Today we practiced English intonation and pronunciation, these are things that don’t come naturally to a non-native! This lesson was SO helpful! I learned SO much from it! I can now go and practice the correct pronunciation in my daily speaking.

Ana Maria (Columbia)